Chatbot Channels/Platforms

Which is the biggest Chatbot Platform?

There are different channels available for developing and deploying bots. Let’s play with stats below to better understand which chatbot channel/ publishing platform is the biggest and best suits for your business.  Stats below show the comparison among various chatbot channels basis on their monthly active user base (MAU) and the volume of daily traffic they handle.

Social media Platforms and their monthly active user base.

Chatbot Channels and monthly Active User Base  

Chatbot Channels and the Daily Message Traffic handled

  1. Statistics simply shows that basis of monthly active user base Facebook messenger and iMessage are the biggest platforms. Both have 1.3 Billion monthly active users. These two are followed by Wechat and Telegram respectively.
  2. Further, if we compare the platforms Facebook messenger and iMessage then Facebook messenger wins since it has a vast audience as it’s omnipresent irrespective of OS. on the other side iMessage is just available on iOS, Mac OS, iPad etc, devices from Apple only and support peer to peer communication only.
  3. Chatbots Telegram, Wechat, and LIne are regional channels i.e. their majority audience belongs to the specific region. Like Wechat have 70% of their user base in China. Line has the major audience in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Similarly, Telegram has the major audience in Europe.

These stats simply show that Facebook Messenger is the biggest platform having the uniform presence across the globe. 64 % of the Facebook’s users are on facebook messenger and this number is increasing very fast.

Which Chatbot Channel best suits your requirement?

An understanding about the audience any chatbot channel does have, its presence in any country, languages it supports, kind of development flexibility it offers to developers, are few factors which are helpful in deciding which channel best suits you. Let’s have few more stats and understanding of various available Chabot channels and decide which channel is the best fit for you.


Chatbot Channel Monthly Active

Users( in Million)

Daily Messages

Traffic ( in Million)

Presence in


Origin Country Year Founded
Facebook Messenger 1300 60,000 200 USA 2011
Slack 10 8 100 USA 2013
Telegram 200 15,000 UK 2013
Kik 300 89 230 Canada 2010
Wechat 1040 38,000 25 China 2011
Skype 300 USA 2003
iMessage 1300 17,000 USA 2011
Line 217 Japan 2011


Slack is a platform designed specifically for teams. It focuses on team communication and collaboration to increase the productivity and get the work done. It enables the businesses to bring ‘To do list, conversations, project information, apps, and tools together in a single place.

If you are a professional and looking for some bot to improve your team communication and project management then slack best suits you. Slack has nothing to do with E-commerce, Hospitality and other markets.

Kik is a Canada based instant messaging platform having the presence in 230 countries across the globe.  It has 300 Million registered users. 15 million monthly active users. Kik has the stronghold among the teens in the US.  Kik has 20,000 bots live and 200 approved bots on Kik bot shop.

Kik has the major user base in USA and Canada. Main users are teenagers  So if you want to cater to the audience in these regions and your services are teenagers specific then this best suits you.

Line was launched in Japan in 2011. Line began as a disaster response in 2011 an earthquake damaged Japan’s telecommunication infrastructure obligating employees of NHN and a unit of South Korean NHN to reply onInternet-based resources to communicate. Its major user base is in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Turkmenistan. It’s got the monthly active user base of 217 million. So again if your audience is based in these countries then its the best chatbot platform for you.

Wechat has started in China in 2011 and has the monthly active user base of 1040 million. Majority of the users are based in China. 70% of the users come from China and rest 30% the user from rest if the world.

It’s the best platform to project something in the Chinese market.

Telegram launched in 2013 in the UK. Most of its features are similar to WhatsApp. It supports  BOT development and integration since 2015. It has the major user base in Europe. It has 200 Million monthly active users. It is available on almost all operating systems.

Skype is a platform founded in 2003 and offers communication over the internet by voice, video calling, instant messaging. Now it also supports BoT integration. It’s got a monthly active user base of 300 million. Its owned by Microsoft and uses Microsoft bot framework for bot developments. It’s mostly used by business for communication.

iMessage is an instant messaging platform owned by Apple.  It’s only available on the apple phone devices to have iOS 5 or later, MAC OS and iPad.  It does offer peer to peer communication. It’s got the monthly active user base of 1.3 Billion and handles 17 Billion message transactions on daily basis.

The biggest drawback of the channel is it’s available on Apple devices and one can never target all the users present in the market in different devices.

Facebook messenger owned by Facebook Inc. the best chatbot channel available. Below are a few points, which make it the best platform thus far.

  1. It has the largest user base in all available platforms. It’s got monthly active users of  1.3 Billion which is 64 % of the facebook active user base. This number is increasing day by day.
  2. Facebook got a monthly active user base of 2.3 Billion and all of these have access to Messenger via. Web or mobile application. Thus have the largest audience, which none of the other platforms have.
  3. Facebook Facilitate to redirect any user from facebook app to messenger with a simple call to action button.
  4. Facebook got the best ad tools to compose ads and campaigns where the user is redirected to messenger and conversation starts in a very interactive way.
  5. Facebook users base id distributed all across the globe and have an audience of all age groups. Thus facilitates, to design any BOT service for any age group in any region.
  6. 60 Million businesses are listed on facebook messenger across the globe which is the highest of all the platforms.
  7. 65 Billion instant messages are handled by Facebook messenger on the daily basis which is the highest ever managed by any platform.

These all stats makes the Facebook messenger best platform for bot development.